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Are you in a situation where you have an old, outdated computer — or even no computer — and you really need one of the computer work at home jobs? If so, there are certain companies that will supply a computer and possibly other equipment for you if you are lucky enough to get hired.

Keep in mind that in most cases you are not going to own the computer you’re sent because they may not be exactly giving it to you.

Every company will have different terms in place, but most of the time you may be required to return the computer at the time your employment with that company comes to an end. Also, these companies are not always hiring.


Do I need to have a home office with a computer, telephone headset, and high-speed Internet connection before I apply for a telework job?

No, you do not need to have any equipment when you apply. However, all of our positions require certification training before employers will consider you for their positions. +

NTI provides this training without charge, but you must have access to a computer and the Internet to participate in this training. The answer to question #2 below lists the minimum computer specifications for both participating in certification training.

If you are offered a position, then you will be required to have all of the home office and computer equipment that meets the minimum standards for that position. Please note that minimum computer specifications for these jobs vary. They may be different from the specifications for certification training.


Work From Home Companies That Send You a Computer

#1 – Apple

Apple regularly has openings for the “At-Home Advisor” work from home position. If hired, they will send you an iMac to use for work. I have read SO many good things about this job and the pay! If you’re interested, you can read my review of work from home jobs at Apple, or go here to visit Apple’s site and search for openings.

#2 – World Travel Holdings

World Travel Holdings has several work from home positions open throughout each year for travel sales, reservations, etc. They will send you a computer, monitor, mouse, keyboard, phone, and headset to use for working.

According to the website, “Refundable $500 deposit for a company computer and phone (deposit will be spread out over 5 payroll deductions).” So you pay for the computer although not all at once, and you can get it back.

Read my review of World Travel Holdings or go here to apply.

Computer Work At Home Jobs#3 – Active Network

Active Network regularly hires home-based workers in different locations to handle phone reservations. A reader  let me know they send out a Thin Client computer and a headset phone if you are hired.

You also receive a keyboard and a mouse. You just have to provide a computer monitor.

Read the Active Network review here or go here to check for openings.

#4 – Doctors on Demand

Doctors on Demand hires work at home customer support reps that have at least two years of healthcare experience along with two years of call center/customer support experience.

They offer paid training and if you’re hired, they will send you all the equipment you need to do the job from your home.

Read the Doctors on Demand review here or go here to check for openings.

#5 – The Yeomen

This company regularly hires work at home community support agents to provide email support for their clients. If hired, you’ll receive a MacBook and all the necessary software you need to do the job.

Go here to check for openings at The Yeomen.

So that completes the list, but feel free to help me out if you know of any other companies that will send you equipment to do the job from home and I will get them added. Good luck if you apply to work for any of the above companies!


Companies That Provide Free Computers!

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